Parking Lot Info

Birchwood Drop-off and Pick-up Plan

There is a loop where parents can drop-off or pick up their children.  There are 2 areas in the loop where parents may drop-off students. 

  1. The first area is along the curb extends to where the handicapped parking area starts.  The curb is marked in red.  Please do not pull in or block these parking spaces to drop off your child unless you have a permit to use a space.
  2. The second area is beyond the cones that are placed near the main crosswalk.  Again, the curb is marked in red.  Please do not stop in the crosswalk area to drop off your child. 

Pick-up/Drop-off map

General Rules

  • Our rules and procedures have been created for safety and expediency.
  • Students exit and enter from the right side of the vehicle.  The only exception would be if the parent got out of the vehicle, opened a left side door and then escorted the student to the sidewalk.  A student’s feet should not touch asphalt without an adult escort.
  • Vehicles should pull forward as space allows before loading or dropping.
  • Vehicles should proceed slowly and be alert in the traffic loop and parking area.
  • Cell phone usage is highly discouraged while driving on our campus to keep drivers alert for pedestrians and traffic.
  • The left lane is for proceeding through the loop.  No one should stop in the left lane except to allow someone from the right lane to enter, or to allow pedestrians to cross at the crosswalk.
  • Practice patience and being courteous. 
  • Please follow the directions of our on-duty staff. Their job is to keep the traffic flowing and monitor safety. 
  • Be aware of pedestrians in the crosswalk.  Pedestrians always have the right of way.
  • Pedestrians, check carefully before entering the crosswalk.
  • Children should walk, not run, while proceeding to and from their vehicles.
  • Allow yourself enough time to drop off and pick up your child to alleviate stress and avoid having to rush.  Your child may be late to class if you arrive later than 8:50 AM. 
  • Please plan on picking up your child by 3:40. Students not picked up by this time will be brought to the office to call home to check on their transportation home.
  • A child must cross at the crosswalk with his/her parent accompanying him/her. A staff member will be on duty at the crosswalk before and after school (crosswalk nearest the front entrance only).
  • When exiting at the traffic circle, pay attention to the signs, stay right and take turns.  It’s easy!

Do Not

  • Drive through the parking lot and wait in your vehicle by the crosswalk.  Either park in the lot or join the loop.
  • Park in the parking lot and then allow your child to come or go unescorted through the lot.
  • Cut through the parking lot in order to enter the loop further up.  The one exception is if the driver is unable to proceed to the left lane because of heavy traffic and their desire is only to pick-up or drop off on the other side of the cross-walk. 
  • Parents should not drop-off or pick up within the area of the handicapped parking or in front of the cones.


Late students should go directly to the office through the main doors to check in and obtain a late pass from our office staff.  Please escort your child into the office.  A student is considered late if s/he is not in his or her seat when the bell rings at 9:00 AM.  Thank you for your assistance and support with our drop off and pick up procedures!